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Since 1998

RECENT Foundation highlights

  • 2014   Began working with Vietnam Veterans of America - Wisconsin State Council in educating Veterans on toxic exposure issues, especially Agent Orange.
  • 2013  Partnered with the Medical College of Wisconsin and C. Zablocki VA Medical Center to develop training units to be presented virtually.
  • 2012  Increased Foundation's presence from southeastern Wisconsin to statewide through the County and Tribal Veteran Service Officer (CVSO or TVSO)) network.
  • 2010  Assisted Dryhootch of America, Inc. in developing and presenting Warrior Summits designed for Veterans and professionals assisting Veterans.
  • 2008  Restructured the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc.
  • 2008  Received an ongoing service grant of $200 million from BEST Work Data for JOB THOUGHTS assessment package.
  • 2008  Developed the first Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc. website.
  • 2006  Initiated acute financial assistance program through the County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) network in Wisconsin.
  • 2005  Presented PTSDSeminar directed to educate Veterans and professionals, within and outside of the VA, on tools and techniques to effective deal with PTSD.

Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc.

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Each and every Veteran we have served is a unique individual.  Each Veteran who asks for our assistance has unique service related issues.  Each Veteran who seeks out the Foundation receives the dignity and honor he or she deserves for serving our country. This is why the Foundation does not have a  "one-size-fits-all" approach to a request for assistance or any other service we may provide.  Within our vision, our mission, and goals we strive to honor each Veteran by assisting each Veteran with the best solution, tailored to his or her specific needs.

THE WISCONSIN VETERANS FOUNDATION, INC. beleiveS every veteran deserves the best available assistance.  The foundation's VISION is to assist all veterans successfully transition from service to society.

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