The financial assistance the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc. is for "acute" or dire situations and should not be considered a supplemental financial service to veterans i.e., the Foundation will not make multiple payments to a veteran.

Following are a number of organizations who provide assistance (e.g., financial, shelter, etc.) to servicemember's and Veteran's families in a time of need.  Click on any program to learn more.  While some programs may require some type of association or membership in their organization it is important to read through their offerings and ask the organization questions before discounting their potential ability to assist you.  Also, some organizations have auxiliaries that may provide assistance.  Ask if they have an auxiliary.

Additionally, be sure to clearly explain your geographical location (e.g., Milwaukee, WI, Portland, OR, El Paso, TX, etc.).  This allows the program assistant or officer to respond to your specific assistance needs. 

This section focuses on

financial assistance.

Assisting Veterans from Service to Society!

Since 1998

Assistance to Veterans through the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc. is available in many different ways.  The Foundation's primary method of assistance is acute financial assistance for Wisconsin Veterans and their families.

The Foundation's process for applying for acute financial assistance is straight forward and consists of four steps.

  1. Contact your County Veteran Service Officer (CVSO), Tribal Veteran Service Officer (TVSO) or counselor at a Veteran Service Organization (VSO) and complete the Foundation's FinancialAssistanceForm.  If you have not already registered with your CVSO or TVSO, you will be asked to verify service with your DD-214.
  2. As you complete the FinancialAssistanceFormthe CVSO, TVSO or VSO will have you identify other services or benefits you may access locally, regionally or nationally.  The CVSO, TVSO or VSO may identify state and federal programs focusing on Veterans or Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) you may be eligible for to receive assistance - see VSO Listings for Wisconsin and nationally.
  3. Upon completion of the FinancialAssistanceForm the CVSO, TVSO or VSO sign the application and transmit your request to the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation.  The CVSO, TVSO or VSO has the right to comment on the application.  NOTE:  Do not mail the Financial Application through the USPS!  Forms must be sent by the CVSO, TVSO or VSO using fax (262-970-7773) or email (
  4. Depending upon the Veteran's circumstances as well as available funding the Foundation may make a determination in as few as 48 business hours.

Assistance is available to Veterans through a variety of public, private, and charitable organizations, like the Foundation's whose mission is to assist Veterans and their families.