Assisting Veterans from Service to Society!

Since 1998

Board of Directors

"Nearly 20 years ago when a small group of Veterans and those concerned about Veterans' issues, started the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation, Inc. our primary mission was to assist Wisconsin Veterans awaiting services and benefits from the VA.

"Today, we continue to provide financial assistance and have added career education, employment assistance, and coordinated activities with other critical Veteran services.

"Without outside financial support we could not assist veterans."

John L. Margowski, President

"Assisting Veterans resolve issues effecting their lives and the lives' of their family has been educational and extremely gratifying.

"In the 10 years I have been with the Foundation the organization has assisted Veterans on the verge of eviction, in need of  transportation to maintain employment,  getting non-traditional training leading to employment, developed and delivered training to Veterans as well as business leaders on Veterans' issues.

"This Foundation has quietly assisted each Veteran successfully and with dignity.

"And as our Foundation President has said, 'Without outside support we could not assist veterans."

James E. Mullarkey, Secretary

It has been my pleasure to server as Treasurer for the Wisconsin Veterans Foundation (WVF). 

The Wisconsin Veterans Foundation  from its inception has been diligent, resourceful and persistent in its goal of helping Wisconsin Veterans who need temporary financial assistance, other personal needs and/or services.

Personally gratifying, my involvement with WVF invokes memories of my Army service as an infantry rifleman in Vietnam, helping other members of my unit by giving backup and support when needed. Although working with the WVF may not be as intense or adrenaline provoking as my service in Vietnam it does, in a smaller way, give me a sense of satisfaction when helping veterans.

I take personal satisfaction that the WVF works with extremely low overhead costs; meaning more resource for meeting the goals purpose of the WVF.

Patrick J. Craney