"Networking" is a 21st Century term that encourages Veterans to link with other Veterans, Veterans groups, groups in education, as well as other in your interest area such as other small business start-up, entrepreneurs.

The Foundation also provides resources for those assisting Veterans trying to successfully transition from service to society - professional networking.  The linkages provided assist Veterans in seeking out the right services as well as provide service providers with some of the latest research and related information to assist Veterans as well as their families.

Financial and Shelter options

Employment opportunities exist in Wisconsin and around the country.  Successful job seeking requires you to translate your service skills into marketable civilian job skill sets. 

Packaging your skill set is essential in today's job market.  Check out the employment packages (e.g., job sites, interview methods, and resume tools) that will aid you in the job search process.

Contact your CVSO or TSO to assist you in locating your Local Veteran Employment Representative (LVER) or Disabled Veteran Outreach Program (DVOP) representative.

The Foundation provides acute financial assistance to Wisconsin Veterans.  Working with County Veteran Service Officers (CVSO) and Tribal Veteran Service Officers (TVSO) the Foundation will assist, when possible, with acute financial assistance for Wisconsin Veterans.

The Foundation also works with other Veteran Service Organizations (VSO) to assist Veterans in need of shelter.  These same linkages assist Veterans in need of assistance due to substance use issues.



vets & those assisting vets

Knowing your career skills as well as your educational needs will pay off.  The Foundation has a wealth of tools and links designed specifically for the Veteran.

JOB THOUGHTS is a career and employment planning tool available at NO COST to Veterans, service members in transition, National Guard members, Reservists, and immediate.  Discover your career and employment gifts today!

Check the entire set of links for Veterans seeking career and education information in Wisconsin and nationally.

Career and Education tools

job options geared for vets

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